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A new moment for a building with history...
Conversion of the ex Barrreiro house located in the crossing of 25 de Mayo and Juan Carlos Gómez, into apartments, offices and commercial building.

The project preserves the 5 mt height house, adding two more modern storeys also at 5 meters high. Interior space is designed around a big internal patio, covered by a huge moving skylight. Lot’s size 600m2 and total built size 1600 m2 approximately, and 15 meters total height.

The new design is based in joining the two central patios into one, and organizing the interior around this central area. By dividing the two first original levels we create 4 floors, re-organizing the interiors. The 2 new levels are built at 3 meters far from the original façade. The idea is to preserve most of the original features. All the façade and valuable and genuine materials like pine tea wooden floors are recovered and reused in a new life, as well as the tiles and walls materials. The main idea is the re-organization of the building around the patios and to use the moving skylights to give light at the interior space. All the skylights will be refurbished completely and will be working properly.

Located in an important commercial street the units over the street will be used as double height commercial areas.

Two level underground parking providing 30 parking places, and an independent way out through Juan Carlos Gomez street.
In the first floor you will find offices duplex at two levels, each of them lots 60 meters square approximately. All valuable and historic construction elements will be recuperated.

In the second floor, the roof top area will be redesigned at 3 meters from the original perimeter. At this level 60 meters square offices will be offered.

The roof area also provides a space for recreation open air activities.

The new structure over the roof top will be done with prefacbicated construction elements. Final details of construction will be done in wood, glass and concrete, always taking into account the original materials of the building.

The project aims to the reconstruction, refurbishing and enhancement of the historic building creating a modern mixture of architecture new concepts and old style building, according to the spirit and background dominating all Ciudad Vieja.
In the heart of the Old Town, just one block from Matriz Square, and only four blocks from Independencia square, Barreiro & Ramos building gives new life to a classical corner between 25 de Mayo y Juan Carlos Gomez. A new point of reference at the historic district of the city, commercial and financial area, also more and more chosen by people to live.
  • 4 floors
  • 600 meters floor area
  • Total built area 3550 meters
  • 19 living and offices units fully equipped, floor or duplex from 60 square meters
  • 4 Commercial areas with independent access and also connected to the central hall
  • 200 square meters air conditioned central hall, LED lights, lobby equipment and moving skylights.
  • 2 underground levels with 30 parking places and independent automatic access
  • Fašade, openings, skylights, pine tea wooden floors recuperated, double thermo glass, aluminum openings.
  • Fire detection and protection system.
  • Secure access to the building by central security system
  • 24/7 security
  • Water heater, stove, fan, air conditioner pre installation.
  • Air conditioned meeting room fully equipped.
  • Air conditioned conference rooms audio & video equipped
  • Art exposition area
  • Open air terrace including barbecue
  • 100% Wi-Fi

We offer a financial plan completely new for the Uruguayan market. Is much more flexible and convenient compared to the generally offered in this cases.

  • 10% of the unit value at the sing of the reservation bill
  • 10% at the sign of the purchase-sale commitment
  • 40% during the construction
  • 40% remaining at the occupation.
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