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Incoming Work Visa Services
Reynolds Propiedades and Relocation will assist you in identifying Argentine immigration requirements and coordinate all necessary paperwork for you or your company's transferees. Requirements and costs will be informed upon receipt of your enquiry.
Airport Reception and Customs Clearance Assistance
Spare yourself the hassle of hiring cabs, limos or vans upon arrival in Buenos Aires. Simply contact Reynolds Propiedades & Relocation and we will arrange for the most suitable transportation. We will quote this service beforehand in order that you may eventually settle directly with the driver following the delivery of the service.

Accompanied airfreight can sometimes prove a bureaucratic headache when attempting to clear through Argentine customs. We will gladly arrange a direct quote from one or more “Despachantes”. Simply contact us, detailing the need at hand.
School Selection, Interviewing and Registration.
Our experience shows that most families select a home close to their children’s school. With this in mind, our staff will gladly arrange for a set of interviews with a selection of schools, most of which are located in the so called “Northern Suburbs” of Buenos Aires. The section on General Information will provide additional information on the various schools and their curricula. Once this important aspect of your relocation has been taken care of, we will proceed to assist you in the selection of your new home, either temporary or long-term.
Orientation Services
We strongly believe in providing our clients with the “Macro” or big picture view of Buenos Aires, its people and it’s culture before initiating the search for temporary or long-term housing. In this regard, on the first days of your look-see trip or actual home selection process we will introduce you to the different aspects of living in Buenos Aires, and visit schools, preferred neighborhoods, major thoroughfares, medical care & hospitals, shopping areas, clubs, entertainment locations, etc. Reynolds can prearrange comprehensive guided tours and, yes, a Tango evening at your request. Simply contact Reynolds Propiedades & Relocation with your needs. A relocation coordinator will provide you with a solution upon receipt of your enquiry.
Temporary Housing and Summer Rentals
Hotel accommodations can be tiresome and expensive to say the least when away from home for any extended length of time. Furthermore, the only good hotel available in the so-called “Northern Suburbs” of Buenos Aires is the Sheraton Pilar which is quite far out of town. For any of these reasons you may wish to consider a temporary house, apartment rental or Bed & Breakfast all at reasonable prices.

During the months of December to March many Argentines place their houses, fully furnished and equipped, with pool, BBQ and large gardens up for rent. Ironically, these rentals are usually lower than those available on a long-term basis. For instance a 4 bedroom home with playroom, and other noted amenities may be had at a monthly rental of US$ 500 and US$1.500. Please note, also, that many a time owners listing their homes or apartments for the legal 24 month term will consider a 1 month rental. Do not hesitate to indicate your specific needs and we will research all available options and get back to you immediately.

Long Term Housing
Reynolds Propiedades & Relocation was born 38 years ago providing housing and relocation assistance to the expatriate community. In Argentina, housing rental contracts are legally classified into two terms. Short rental terms of 6 months or less which are designed to fulfill tourist housing needs and 24 month or more terms for temporary long-term residents. Contracts where terms lie in between these two periods are legally bound by rules governing the 24-month term. This is to say, there is a minimum 6 month stay with no possibility of early rescission and a penalty of 1 ½ months if the rescission takes place in the second half of the first year and 1 month if the rescission were to take place following this period. Please refer to the “Home Rental Process” for a full description of the Reynolds specially designed home search program aimed at securing you and your family a home in the least possible time, free of hassles and problems. In order to best cater to your specific needs we would appreciate you take a few moments to complete our specially designed “Home search” form with details of your needs and works.
Commercial Real Estate
Our Commercial Department main objets is not only to assist our clients in finding suitable offices through our vast network of real estate colleagues, warehouses and industrial buildings, but also to provide the necessary advice on how to reduce costs and act as agents in the negotiating process.

Listing your commercial properties with Reynolds Propiedades & Relocation ensures your asset will receive both national and international exposure through publications in our own exclusive sites, associate sites, Argentine newspapers and publications and our three multiple listings systems where all Argentine and international colleagues may have access to the listing.

Language Training
Many transfers to Buenos Aires are scheduled with little or no time to accommodate language training. Please contact us with a description of your needs and we will ensure your receive a quote directly within 24 hours of the request.
Furniture Rental
Inevitably, it is hard to coordinate your arrival with that of your household goods. An alternative to paying both the high costs of hotel accommodation and the monthly rent of one’s long-term housing is to consider a short-term furniture rental solution. In other instances, employers opt to cut down on high international moving costs and providing their relocated staff members with an allowance towards either furniture rental or purchase. If furniture rental is considered, Reynolds Propiedades & Relocation will e-mail you a quote in order that you evaluate which direction to take. Simply indicate the list of furniture required or leave it up to us and we will provide you with a full alternative.
Cross-Cultural Training
To provide transferees with the highest standards of cross cultural services, Reynolds Propiedades & Relocation delivers cross-cultural training and consulting.

One of the best investments in the relocation process, cross cultural training will ensure you or your employer are well prepared and well informed of local business values and behaviors and, thus, avoiding the pitfalls of misinformation which may, regrettably, result in failure of assignment and losses. For a best available cross cultural training options, delivered from either Buenos Aires or New York City, and corresponding pricing please contact Reynolds Propiedades & Relocation.

Relocation Counseling
There are different stages to full country adaptation. The first stage is like a honeymoon when everything is new and exciting. In the second stage the newly arrived expatriate often faces daily difficulties and crises. The third stage is characterized by gaining some understanding of the new culture. The fourth stage is that of integration.

Each individual will overcome these stages at his/her own pace. It is mainly during the first two when he/she may require assistance. At this point, one-hour individual counseling sessions may be of special support, until one feels ready to walk on his/her own.

The Reynolds Counseling Program will provide the necessary assistance in the delivery of the support required to cope with daily situations that are new, varied, and sometimes frustrating. Our Program will also help prevent future suffering as regards to social adaptation and interpersonal relationships. Please contact Reynolds Propiedades & Relocation to organize a meeting with our certified Counselor.
Spouse/Partner Support Program
Reynolds Propiedades and Relocation can coordinate all aspects of career counseling, resume preparation, job search and actual interviewing. We suggest you contact us prior to your departure so as to provide you with as many options possible.
Tenancy Management
Live a worry free rent in your new home. Leave all rental payments and maintenance issues up to Reynolds Propiedades & Relocation for a low monthly fee.

Our services include:
• Monthly reporting of current and projected costs
• Payment and/or collection of rentals.
• Collection and payment of taxes and utility bills.
• Coordination of property maintenance and contact with owner.
• Preparing legal notices in the event of early termination of contract.
• Preparing the “property restitution form” wherein the owner is obliged to reimburse the damage deposit.
• Thorough inspection of the property, before and during the effective restitution of the property in order to appraise any damages, and to minimize costs and ensure a quick refund of the damage deposit.
• Follow up to ensure reimbursement to the Lessee of the damage deposit.
• Post contract settlement of any outstanding utility bills.

Please contact us for a price quote on this service.
Post-Rental Assistance
Provided free of charge, Reynolds Propiedades & Relocation will provide the following services for clients who perform the home search with us. A minimal fee is levied to non-clients.

• Preparing legal notices, in case of early termination of contract.
• Preparing the “property restitution form” wherein the owner is obliged to reimburse the damage deposit.
• Thorough inspection of the property, before and during the effective restitution of the property in order to appraise any damages, minimize costs and ensure prompt refund of the damage deposit.
• Follow up to ensure reimbursement to the Lessee of the damage deposit.
• Post contract settlement of any outstanding utility bills.
Property Management:
Provided to avoid employees´ absentee landlord concerns, which would, inevitably, lead to many lost hours and high communication costs. Employer productivity is thus maximized. Reynolds Propiedades & Relocation quotes Property Management services depending on property size and physical location.
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