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The advertised prices are final, and, unless noted to the contrary- include all utilities, real estate commission and taxes, except international & cellular calls, for which telephone cards must be used. In some cases, when specified, the price includes maid’s service, with the announced frequency. The inclusion of this service in the rental price does not exclude the tenant from leaving the apartment in the same conditions of hygiene & presentation in which it was received. The use of each one of the apartments is exclusively for home use & bothersome noises cannot be made.

Reynolds Propiedades & Relocation takes no responsibility for damages or injuries that the tenant might suffer within the apartment.

The majority of the apartments advertised in the site may be booked for minimal stays of one week. When a daily fee is shown, five day stays are allowed. The maximum stay is six months (according to Argentine law) with the possibility of renewing for another six months. Certain apartments only admit monthly rentals or more, which is punctually specified. odificar por: The apartments advertised in the site may be booked for minimum one week and maximum six month

All apartments advertised in this site have one of the following telephone systems:
1)Control Line: Telephone service offered for local calls. The apartments which offer this service include the cost in the rental fee. For calls to cellular phones, suburban or international, &/or extension of the credit for local calls, the guest must proceed to buy pre-paid telephone cards.

2) Cero Line: Telephone system which permits all types of calls by pre-paid telephone cards. The same as line 1, it also allows the receipt of all kinds of calls.

The booking of an apartment is made by a deposit of 15.3% of the total stay. This booking can be done through a wire transfer, Western Union or Visa. Once this booking fee is credited , it is non refundable. The balance of the payment for the stay & the damage deposit are made in US$ cash the day the apartment is handed in.

On arrival, at the pre- arranged time, the owner of the apartment or his representative, together with Reynolds Propiedades & Relocation, receives the tenant at the rented property. At this moment he should pay the remainder IN CASH of his stay plus the damage deposit, the value of which varies in relation to the time he is staying & the category of the apartment he is renting.

Checks-in and checks-out from 7 a.m. to 23.00 p.m.

Both will sign the rental contract, the respective inventory, previously revised, & the tenant will receive the keys to the property. This is a good occasion for the owner to explain the general functions of the house & to give him his telephone number for any requirement or question he might have regarding the property.
If at the moment of arrival, the apartment should not be available or livable for major unforeseen reasons, Reynolds Propiedades & Relocation will offer a similar apartment. If this were not possible or the tenant did not want to choose another apartment, the amount received as the reserve shall be returned without deductions. No additional amount will be given as compensation.
The contracts for temporary rentals cannot be extended. They have a beginning & an end. For this reason, if the tenant wishes to extend his stay in the rented property, he must advise Reynolds Propiedades & Relocation as soon as he makes his decision, to prepare a new contract, for the new period of time accorded, as long as the property is still available.

The money paid for rental is non refundable. If the tenant wishes to shorten his stay, the fee already paid will not be refunded.

For this reason we recommend the booking be made for the right amount of time.

A few days prior to departure, Reynolds Propiedades & Relocation will contact the tenant to arrange the handing- over time.

On this occasion, the tenant shall give back the keys to the owner & the owner give back the deposit, once the general state of the apartment & the inventory are revised, retaining, if necessary, the cost to replace any items the tenant may have lost or broken.
The apartments must be given back in the same conditions of order & cleanliness in which they were received.

If , as the consecuence of the rental relation which joined both parties, during the length of the rental contract, at the end of it or anticipated recindment: the lessee buys the property, both parties agree in favour of Reynolds Propiedades pay a commission corresponding to the buying/selling of the property, previous deduction of the commission paid for the rental.2% of the commission shall be paid by the seller & 4% by the buyer.

CLAUSE ON NEIGHBOURING BUILDING/CONSTRUCTION:The tenant agrees that if during the rental period, a neighbouring building/ construction should start, it will not be a cause to initiate claim for this reason.

By the use of our site & services, you agree to all our Terms & Conditions. If you do not agree with them, please do not use our site or services.

Reynolds Propiedades & Relocation has been in the real estate & relocation market for foreign executive personnel for more than 37 years. Even though our activity is concentrated in providing real estate services: buying & selling property, rentals, investment assessment, in Buenos Aires as in Patagonia, we also assist our clients in everything necessary to relocate in Argentina with comfort & speed.

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